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Information on the Main Server, Secondary Servers and the Wider Community

Our Servers

Purity Vanilla is running on a Waterfall network to provide some special features like a waiting room for while the server is full and to allow users to switch to our secondary servers easily, while also allowing us to facilitate more players. Purity Vanilla is not and will never be like a normal network server. We will always remain focused on having a place for players to play the game as intended.

If you want to completely ignore these secondary servers, you can join the dedicated IPs for each server to bypass the Waterfall network entirely. If you join the normal IP, you will be put in the main server. If the server is full, you will be redirected to the waiting room where you will automatically queue for that server.

Purity Vanilla

This is the main Purity Vanilla server. This server will always be at the core of the community and any other servers that are created will exist solely to complement this server. This server will be the only thing advertised on our voting sites and our website, although information on our secondary servers will also be available. This is because we only want to bring in players looking for the vanilla Minecraft experience that we provide, as that is what this community is centred on.

Purity Development

This is the secondary, smaller vanilla server running the latest version of Minecraft. The purpose of this server is to act as an overflow for people in the community who want to return to a smaller scale server environment and want the latest features of Minecraft. It also allows us to experiment with our server and performance on later, more resource-intensive versions of Minecraft. This server will remain online 24/7 just like the main server and will have no map resets while it is used.

Purity Creative

This is one of the private donor servers. This server is set up like a typical creative world and run by one our admins in their spare time. The server is intended to give players a place to plan and share future builds on the server, as well as experiment with new building techniques and get the input of other members of the community.

Purity Events

This server is used for running community events and challenges, like the Hunger Games event, and is for use by the entire community. It is kept separate from the core vanilla server and is intended to be used only during an event, although in future it may be left running. This is a general community server, donor ranks and perks will not sync to this server.

[WIP] Waiting Room and Queue

The waiting room server allows players to easily wait for a space while the server is full without having to repetitively reconnect to the server. With our custom queue setup, you will be able to automatically queue for the server you tried to join, or you can manually select another server to play on while you wait. You can also join another server and then queue to join the desired server from there, allowing you to play while you wait.

The waiting room does not act as a hub for our other servers as you can change servers at any time. It is purely to allow players to wait for a slot to open up on the desired server. If the server you try to join is full, you will be redirected here.

Future Servers

We are looking into the possibility of a PvP server which will exist as a semi-independent server, while just providing a service for the community so they won’t have to look elsewhere. The server will be easily accessible, through normal in-game methods or through the waiting room if you are currently waiting for a space on another server. Donor ranks will not sync to this server and it will be run separately from the main servers but linked over our Waterfall network for ease of use.

Our Partners

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